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Nemokamai, profesionaliai ruošiame reikalingus dokumentus - nuo prašymo iki studijų finansavimo.


Šiandien Computing srities specialistai paklausiausi visame pasaulyje! Darbdaviai kuria geriausias sąlygas dirbantiems ir siūlomas patraukliausias atlygis už darbą. 

*Norint rezervuoti vietą reikalingas 12 kl atestatas (6 vidurkis - iš visų dalykų) ar profesinis diplomas, CV, paso/ID kopija. 

*Bus anglų kalbos testo ir interviu datos.

*Paskaitos dieninės ( 2 kartus per savaitę), vakarinės (2 vakarai ir šeštadienis).

*Studijos trunka 3 arba 4 metai (priklausomai nuo pažymių). 

*Studijų pradžia- 2020 birželis ir rugsėjis. 

*Studijuojant gaunate £8.000-£12.000 į metus pragyvenimui Londone.

Sąlyga norint gauti finansavimą pragyvenimui:

reikia gyventi Jungtinėje Karalystėje ir būti dirbančiu iki studijų pradžios 3 mėnesius, jei gyvenate JK mažiau nei 5 metus


Greita žinutė




Do you have a passion for computing? Are you fascinated by modern technologies? This degree programme focuses on the technical aspects of computing, placing a strong emphasis on programming skills. This will help you to attain the vital technical knowledge required to pursue a range of IT careers, as well as the transferable employability skills needed to secure your first role.

The BSc (Hons) Computing  is a hands-on degree programme that encourages students to develop an extensive knowledge of computer programming. You will have the opportunity to develop these skills by designing, building and implementing computer systems, culminating in a major final-year software development project.




  • Problem Solving
  • Foundation Mathematics
  • Group Technology Project
  • Digital Media Technologies 
  • Foundation Computing
  • Indiviual Degree Related Project


  • Introduction to Networks
  • Introduction to Databases
  • Web Technologies
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Introduction to Computer Systems
  • Cyber Security Essential


  • Mobile Application Development
  • Enterprise Database Development
  • Developing for the Internet
  • Human-Digital Interatction Design
  • Network Implementation 
  • Graduate & Professional Devel


You will choose 2 optional units from the 4 available.

  • Engineering Mobile Applications
  • Data Science 
  • Cloud Computing (Optional)
  • Network Management (Optional)
  • Web Application Development (Optional)
  • Internet of Things (Optional) 
  • Project (40 credits)



Through engaging, contemporary and industry relevant units that are academically rigorous, stimulating and challenging, you will build specialist transferable skills that facilitate your development as an independent learner, whilst gaining expertise in a range of business functions and topics.

On this programme, you will develop a range of applicable IT skills such as programming, databases, networking, usability and web technologies, whilst an emphasis is placed on enhancing your personal attributes in communication, project management, teamwork and presentation skills through group and project work.

With a strong focus on programming (using Java and Python), the course includes a variety of software development, database, web development and networking units. You will also dents also look at web APIs, JSON, HTML5 and big data analytics.


You’ll be taught using a range of teaching methods that include lectures, seminars and laboratory sessions, totalling 9-12 hours per week. You will also be expected to engage in independent study, around 38 hours per week.

You will have access to Solent’s virtual learning environment that provides quick online access to assignments, lecture notes, suggested reading and other course information.

Assessments are based on coursework and exams.



One of our study options available for UK and EU nationals includes evenings and weekends.

This study option offers exactly the same levels of student support and the ability to balance your full-time studies with your personal life.




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