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92% of the University of Roehampton students are in work or further education within 6 months of graduating (DLHE results 2017)

One to one careers advice to build your experience and skills in readiness for a competitive job market

Learn in a personalised and friendly small class environment

Meet the growing demand (from both individuals and industry) for entrepreneurial knowledge and skills

Well-connected with central locations in London and Birmingham, Manchester 


“Marketing is about values. It’s a complicated and noisy world, and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. So we have to be really clear about what we want them to know about us” - Steve Jobs.

People with marketing know-how are vital to just about every business or organisation you can think of and there’s always a high demand for skilled marketing graduates. Study for our honours degree and you’ll gain the skills and knowledge businesses really need, opening up your career options.

We realise that the marketing function of an organisation is a dynamic, creative and fast moving process. The syllabus evaluates the key marketing skills of forward thinking, communication, and originality, whilst building core knowledge in the areas of branding, brand management, market research methods, consumer behaviour and public relations.

With the growing importance of the online campaign, you will also consider the role of digital marketing in marketing strategy and the key metrics for measuring effectiveness. With marketing knowledge and skills grounded in key business concepts, this degree lays the balanced foundations for a successful career.



Year 1

Extended Academic Induction (0 credits) 
Business Readiness (Year 1) (0 credits) 
Business Organisation and Environment in a Global Context (20 credits)
Introduction to Finance and Accounting for Managers (20 credits)
Understanding Self and Others (20 credits)
Introduction to Management (20 credits)
Analysing Information and Data for Problem Solving (20 credits)
Principles of Marketing and Communications in a Digital World (20 credits)

Year 2

Business Readiness (Year 2) (0 credits) 
Managing People and Careers (20 credits)
Understanding Operations, Logistics & Supply Chain Management (20 credits)
Processes of Project Management (20 credits)
Consumer Behaviour (20 credits)
Digital Marketing (20 credits)
Services Marketing (20 credits)

Year 3

Business Readiness (Year 3) (0 credits) 
Business Ethics and Responsible Management (20 credits)
Business and Management Dissertation 1 [in Marketing] (20 credits)
Applied Corporate Strategy (20 credits)
Business and Management Dissertation 2 [in Marketing] (20 credits)
Branding (20 credits)
Global Marketing (20 credits)



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