BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management

Susipažinsit su personalo vadybos turiniu, esme ir tikslais; suvokti darbuotojų vaidmenį šiuolaikinėje organizacijoje; suprasti vadovo vaidmenį valdyme, jo darbo ypatumus ir funkcijas; suprasti personalo pažinimo bei motyvavimo svarbą bei turinį; žinoti vadovavimo priemonių sistemą, jos tikslus ir uždavinius.

Stojimo procesas:

  • 3 metai, 2 dienos per savaitę, studijos universitete, valstybės finansuojamos:
  • Vieta: London
  • Rezervuoti vietą: rašyti žinutę į el. paštą ar skambinti 07540321275
  • Konsultuojame kada ir kokius dokumentus pateikti
  • Padedame pasiruošti interviu ir anglų kalbos testui

Parama pragyvenimui:

  • £8.000-£16.000 pragyvenimui Londone į metus. Priklauso kiek metų gyvenate JK ir ar turite vaikų. 
  • Oyster 30% nuolaida

Galimi darbai: 

Human Resource Officer

Office Manager

Occupational Psychologist

Training and Development Officer

Careers Adviser

Managment Consultant

Recruitment Consultant

Risk Manager


The ability to recruit, motivate and manage employees effectively is considered one of the keys to success in business.

Furthermore, ensuring that employees develop professionally is essential if they are to fulfil their potential and so make the most productive contribution.  This degree focuses on the key role of people in a successful business.

Designed to give you a thorough appreciation of all the core business skills and concepts; it will provide you with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of human resource management, including how to resource, develop, reward, and motivate employees to deliver business goals with maximum effect.

The degree is ideal for students who are interested in a career in managing corporate human resources, management and skills training, management recruitment or HRM consultancy.

Mode of Study


3 Years or 4 Years with Foundation

September and January Start

Degree courses in the 'business suite' of programmes at ARU London (that is courses other than the Finance and Accounting, Law and Accounting, Law, Healthcare or Hospitality) have a common first year:

    This allows you to gain a broad understanding of the key areas of business which will enable you to appreciate the importance of the different functions – such as HR, marketing, finance – to overall business success.  This will help you in your future career irrespective of the path you take.

   We know it can be difficult to decide the exact direction you wish your studies to take. Our structure allows you to transfer to one of our other degree courses, should you wish to.

   You therefore do not need to decide your area of specialisation now, you can do so after you join Anglia Ruskin University London.

Each of the three years will involve the study of four 30 credit core modules each year.

Below are indications of the modules you will study

Year 1

Business Environment

Business Skills

Economics for Business

Business Finance

Year 2

Legal Aspects of Business

Managing Human Resources

Principles and Practice of Marketing

Resourcing the Organisation

Year 3

Developing Human Resources

Business Strategy

Managing the Employment Relationship

Major Project

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